Accelerate your team's skill development

Ensure your team develops new skills to stay updated with competitive growth and innovation with SkillSets with world-class courses.
A team that stays upskilled and up to date with industry standards can drive your business to 10X growth.

Set your business on a path to digital transformation

Drive digital literacy, upskill teams with critical skills, and reskill talent for in-demand jobs with Academies—our complete skill development solution for in-demand capabilities.

Develop expertise through flexible, hands-on learning

Equip your organization with new tools and processes quickly with Guided Projects. Learners follow side-by-side instructions from a subject-matter expert through cloud desktops in real-time.


Learn from one of the 200+ world-class universities and companies.

Enterprise Features

  • Strategic customer success management

    Launch and sustain high-impact learning programs for every area of your organization with the help of our Customer Success team

  • Prioritized learner support

    Get responsive, prioritized technology support for all of the learners in your organization

  • Custom content curation

    Map course content to your organization’s business goals by partnering with our in-house skill transformation experts

  • Program management tools

    Drive high engagement and strong learning outcomes with robust program management features

  • Improve career readiness

    Prepare team members with job-based learning programs and 100+ Professional Certificates from the global universities.

  • Scale teaching, grading and student support

    Integrate UPI's platform to help deliver, manage, and grow online learning programs.

We partnered with Coursera

With each course you enroll with UPI, you can get any Coursera course for free.

87% of people learning for professional or skills development report career benefits like getting a job or internship, a promotion, a raise, or starting a new career 🤞


  • How does UPI for business work?

    A company/team that partners with UPI get access to hundreds of spots for UPI courses on 95% scholarship under the "UPI for Business" plan. The team then will get a coupon code which can be distributed to its members to register for any courses they wish to take.

  • What do employees get out of these courses?

    UPI plus partners with Canadian and US colleges and provides accredited certifications. Hence these certifications have an exam and more required to be completed.
    After a course is completed, a student is issued a certificate from the college and can also request a transcript if they wish to do so. These courses help students get ahead in careers, learn skills, and help them scale up the business.

  • Can UPI import all the students or does team need to do so?

    Either way works for us. If a team manages to provide us with an excel sheet with all names and their emails, in that case, we can send a welcome email to all the students. Or if the team prefers to enroll them themselves - that works too!

  • How do we get support from UPI?

    Teams can always email us at or WhatsApp/call us at +1 647-809-5455

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