With UPI, you determine your own level of time commitment. You can move through course work quickly or slow down your pace.

YES, there are exams - held online on our platform and are proctored. Your course grade distribution is:
- 25% Attendance
- 25% Quiz
- 25% Assignments
- 25% Final Exam

To ensure your UPI Study courses transfer to your university, check two things:
1) Is your university listed? If it's one of the 1,500 universities listed with NCCRS, you're all set. OR
2) Check your university's credit policy. If it says they accept credits from "regionally accredited" universities, you're good to go!

As long as you meet one of these criteria, your courses should transfer without a hitch.

Yes, that is what differentiates UPI. With each student their advisor will guide them on how to move forward.

YES!! Consider us your family abroad. We have a strong community, we will make sure to support you in anyway we can. There is a reason why we have students from 30+ countries - it is because of our promising customer experience.

There are no additional fees for material, textbooks or eBooks. Everything is included as part of your membership.

Yes, there is! If you take these courses for college credits and they do not transfer, you are eligible for a refund. 

If you take a course for the purpose of skill development, in that case the refund policy is valid only if you ask for a refund within 14 days of course registration.

As a UPI member, you don’t pay for individual courses. Instead, you choose a bundle plan with UPI.