Partnering with UPI and becoming a UPI-verified study abroad consultancy offers unparalleled benefits. In an uncertain industry, where students often fall prey to misleading agents prioritizing commissions over education quality, a UPI verification stands as a beacon of trust and integrity. 

As a verified partner, you gain exclusive access to the UPI Study Board's courses, setting you apart in the market and providing your students with accredited, high-quality educational pathways. 

UPI's robust accreditation in the US, UK, and Canada, coupled with our strategic partnerships with over 1400 universities and ApplyBoard — Canada's leading ed-tech company — ensures your consultancy is aligned with the highest educational excellence and credibility standards. Elevate your consultancy's reputation and offerings by partnering with UPI, where integrity meets opportunity.

Why Become UPI Verified

  • Industry Verification

    Empowers you with industry-recognized credentials, enhancing credibility and trust in the global education sector.

  • Growth of Business

    Unlocks new growth avenues by connecting you to a vast network of universities & exclusive student programs.

  • Certification of Trust

    Ensuring that you stand out as reliable advisors in the crowded study abroad market.

How To Get Verified & Become a Partner


Step 1
Contact us, verify documents & start training
Step 2
Sign Agreement
Step 3
Get a Verification certificate & start growing

Seize this opportunity to redefine your future with the UPI Board's remarkable verification process. Invest in your consultancy and transform your passion for education into a thriving career with us.

Note: We only verify 150 consultancies per year

  • 15+

    countries with UPI Presence

  • 97K+

    visiting and online students

  • 118

    full-time faculty

Where do our students work

We partner with businesses, which guide our students for growth!

  • Five Year Verification

  • UPI's Tech & Resources

  • Accredited Partner


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UPI Verification?

    UPI Verification is a process through which study abroad consultancies are vetted and endorsed by UPI, confirming their adherence to our high standards of service, integrity, and educational guidance. This verification assures students and partners of your consultancy's credibility and alignment with UPI's mission of providing quality education pathways.

  • How can my consultancy become UPI verified?

    To become UPI verified, your consultancy needs to apply through our official website, undergo a comprehensive review process, including an assessment of your services, student success rates, and adherence to ethical consulting practices. Successful consultancies are then awarded UPI Verification status.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a UPI verified partner?

    UPI verified partners enjoy enhanced market credibility, access to UPI's accredited educational programs, exclusive rights to enroll students in UPI courses, and a strong partnership network with over 1300 universities and key industry players like ApplyBoard and more.

  • What form of on-going assistance do you provide to students?

    No, there is no nominal fee for the verification process, including time spent on assessment, resources, and ongoing support provided to our verified partners. This ensures we maintain the equal opportunity and highest standards of verification and support for our consultancy partners.

  • How long does the UPI verification process take?

    The verification process typically takes between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the completeness of the application and the responsiveness of the consultancy during the review process.

  • Does UPI verification need to be renewed?

    Yes, UPI verification is subject to periodic review to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards. We typically require re-verification every two years, but we will provide all necessary guidance and support throughout this process.