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Course curriculum

    1. What is Marketing?

    2. The Four P's

    3. Official Definition of Marketing

    4. Exchange

    5. Lesson Summary

    6. Learning Outcomes

    7. Quiz 1.1

    1. Traditional & Digital Marketing

    2. Comparing Traditional & Digital Marketing

    3. Benefits of Traditional Marketing

    4. Benefits of Digital Marketing

    5. Negatives of Each Type of Marketing

    6. Lesson Summary

    7. Quiz 1.2

    1. Consumer Behavior

    2. Consumer Decision-Making Process

    3. Need Recognition

    4. Information Search

    5. Evaluation of Alternatives and Purchase

    6. Post-Purchase Behavior

    7. Lesson Summary

    8. Learning Outcome

    9. Quiz 1.3

    1. Definition of Advertising

    2. Common Advertising Media and Examples

    3. Lesson Summary

    4. Points on Advertising

    5. Learning Outcomes

    6. Quiz 1.4

    1. Media Campaigns

    2. Types of Media

    3. Lesson Summary

    4. Lesson Objective

    5. Quiz 1.5

    1. What Is a Marketing Strategy?

    2. Social Influences

    3. Legal Influences

    4. Economical Influences

    5. Political Influences

    6. Technological Influences

    7. Competitive Influences

    8. Lesson Summary

    9. Learning Outcome

    10. Quiz 1.6

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