UPI has provided student $3,657,745 in tuition refunds & scholarships


    Discuss programs & universities to apply


    We apply to decided programs, and get acceptances


    Earn back share of your fees once you join your program.

Canada & and the US are tired of misleading consultancy practices. Hence, the Board of UPI is expected to take action, and we do so by refunding commission fees directly to students. 
This initiative aims to keep millions of dollars within Canada and give back to students who need it for survival during studies, promoting transparency and ethical guidance. 
By using UPIApply, students pay only their application fees and receive unbiased advice, ensuring they choose the right educational path. With a focus on quality, UPI Study limits its service to a select number of students, guaranteeing personalized support and a streamlined process.

Countries We Will Cover


Note: We will only process for first 10K students for year 2024; we do get over 200K requests every year

Seize this opportunity to redefine your future with the UPI Board's remarkable application process. Trust in our consultancy and transform your passion for education into a thriving success with UPI.

On demand, anywhere in the world

  • No Cost to Apply

    UPI Board charges zero dollars to help students apply to colleges and universities in US & Canada

  • Get Tuition Fees Back

    UPI Board refunds 100% of the commission back to the student, which otherwise goes to an agent.

  • Certification of Trust

    This is Non-profit. We will only apply for first 10K students compared to 1 Million+ students who apply yearly.

Where do our students work

We partner with programs, which guide our students for growth!

  • 15+

    countries with UPI Presence

  • 97K+

    visiting and online students

  • 118

    full-time faculty


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UPIApply?

    UPIApply is a service by UPI Study that helps students apply to international universities and colleges, with a unique offer of refunding 100% of application commission fees back to the students.

  • How does the commission refund work?

    Once you apply through UPIApply and we receive the commission from the institution 3 months after you start the program, we refund the promised amount to you within 2 weeks of that. This process is transparent and assured through a contract.

  • Are there any hidden fees with UPIApply?

    Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on transparency. This is a Non-profit. There are no hidden fees; you get back every penny of the commission we receive.

  • How do I apply through UPIApply?

    Start by creating an account on the UPI Study platform, contact us, schedule a call, choose your desired program and institution, and we will apply directly through our partner portal. We'll guide you through every step.

  • Can I apply to any university in the world through UPIApply?

    We partner with a wide range of universities across the globe. While we strive to cover as many institutions as possible, we recommend checking our current list of partner universities on our website.

  • How long does it take to receive the commission refund?

    The refund timing can vary depending on the institution's commission payment schedule, typically within 2 weeks after payment is disbursed to UPI.

  • Can I use UPIApply if I'm not from India?

    Yes, UPIApply is focused on supporting all students. However, we're working on expanding our services to more countries in the future. where we have not reached yet.

  • Is there a limit to the number of applications I can submit through UPIApply?

    No, there's no limit. You can apply to as many programs and institutions as you wish through UPIApply.

  • What support does UPIApply offer during the application process?

    UPIApply provides comprehensive support, including application assistance, document verification, and advice on scholarships and financing options.