Learn from one of the 200+ world-class universities and companies.

Transform your institution with UPI

  • Prepare students for the future

    Enhance curricula with world-class content and hands-on experiences

  • Provide world class education

    Enable faculty with supplementary content and promote blended learning

  • Global Reputation

    Your institution can Increase student capacity without increasing infrastructure costs and attract new students with a stronger global reputation

Emerging-skills content, mapped to your curriculum

Improve student job & college outcomes and modernize your curriculum with access to 100+ courses, 70+ Professional Certificates, and 1,900+ Guided Projects in subjects like Engineering, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Management, Sciences, Healthcare, Excel, and more.

A platform to enhance student career growth and future employability and modernize your curriculum

  • Provide hands-on learning with Guided Projects

    Help students learn job-relevant skills quickly with over 450+ step-by-step Guided Projects

  • Empower faculty

    Promote blended learning with Coursera content and faculty-authored projects, assessments, and courses.

  • Deliver cutting-edge curricula

    Solve for curriculum gaps by integrating world-class content from top universities and industry partners.

  • Provide hands-on experience

    Access courses offline or on the go with iOS and Android apps.

  • Improve career readiness

    Prepare graduates with job-based learning programs and 70+ Professional Certificates from global employers.

  • Scale teaching, grading and student support

    Integrate UPI's platform to help deliver, manage, and grow online learning programs.

  • Full lifetime access to students

  • Access on computer, mobile and TV

  • Accredited certificate from college


  • How does UPI for campus work?

    An institution that partners with UPI get access to hundreds of spots for UPI courses on 95% scholarship under the "UPI for campus" plan. An institution then will get a coupon code which can be distributed to its students to register for any courses they wish to take. We generally prefer one course per student per year, but a school has full liberty to distribute the coupons as they prefer.

  • What do students get out of these courses?

    UPI plus partners with Canadian and US colleges and provides accredited certifications. Hence these certifications have an exam and more required to be completed.
    After a course is completed, a student is issued a certificate from the college and can also request a transcript if they wish to do so. These courses help students get ahead in careers, learn skills, and give them the edge in college or job applications.

  • Can UPI import all the students or does school need to do so?

    Either way works for us. If a school manages to provide us with an excel sheet with student names and their emails, in that case, we can send a welcome email to all the students. Or if the school prefers to enroll them themselves - that works too!

  • How do we get support from UPI?

    Campuses can always email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp/call us at +1 647-809-5455